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CITAC Advocacy

CITAC seeks to ensure the implementation of evidence-based policy for the training of clinician-investigators in Canada. We work to support trainee advocacy at the federal, provincial and local level by CITAC’s membership. Research and improvement of health care are central to ensuring Canada’s health care systems are effective and sustainable. By virtue of dual training research and medicine, clinician-scientists play an integral role in these processes. However, the viability of the clinician-scientist career path is under threat, and the proportion of clinician-scientists in the physician workforce has been declining. We advocate for improved infrastructure to support clinician-scientist training and early career development, as well as for the continued role of clinician-investigators and trainees in Canada’s medical research and health systems. 

Primary goals:

  1. Advocate for national support for clinician-investigator trainees. We communicate regularly with medical and scientific education stakeholders to ensure the latest evidence is incorporated into education policy and practices.
  2. Advocate for improved evidence on best practices and outcomes of clinician-investigator trainees. Measure, collect and disseminate answers to central questions in education and research for clinician-investigator trainees to inform policy.

The research conducted by CITAC’s membership on clinician-investigator training establishes a foundation for medical and scientific leaders in Canada to determine the most appropriate medical education policy. CITAC ensures we ask the right research questions and share the results widely to advocate for informed evidence-backed policy decisions.

We work closely with other organizations like the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI). With CFMS, we have recently published a position paper describing the current state and challenges of clinician-scientist training in Canada in 2016.


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