Outstanding Trainee

Outstanding Trainee Award

View all award information and application details summarized in this poster (for reference only from the latest cycle).

Application deadline: Not currently accepting applications.
Questions? Contact the Director of Finance.


Recognize a physician-scientist trainee whose outstanding contributions to the betterment of their scientific, medical, or broader communities are benefiting the physician-scientist community


$500 per award

  • Physician-scientist trainee enrolled in any Canadian training program*
  • Nominated by peer/peers or self-nominated (one nomination per nominee)

*Open to trainees enrolled in formal programs (e.g. MD/PhD, MD/MSc, CIP) and/or pursuing personalized paths (e.g. graduate degree before medicine)

**CITAC Board members are not eligible to be nominated for or receive the Outstanding Trainee Award

  • Trainee has strived to better their scientific, medical, or broader communities and specifically how their contributions have benefited and/or will inevitably benefit the physician-scientist community
  • Trainee’s contributions align with one or more of the following: leadership; service; advocacy; partnership/relationship building; mentorship; innovation; equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)
Nomination process
  • Nomination can be submitted by any physician-scientist trainee(s) in Canada (i.e. any trainee can self-nominate or nominate their peer, either individually or as a group)
  • Only one nomination can be provided for a nominee† (the form can be ‘signed’ by multiple people)
  • Awardee(s) (1–2) are selected by the CITAC Funding and Awards Committee

† If multiple forms are received for one nominee, CITAC will contact nominators to combine


FOR REFERENCE ONLY (from the latest application cycle in 2022)

  • Nomination form opens — mid-October
  • Nomination form closes — October 28th
  • Review by committee — within 2 weeks after form closes
  • Awardees announced — during 2022 CSCI-CITAC AJM in Montreal (November 13-15th)