Training literature

Training literature

There are plenty of scholarly works surrounding clinician-investigator trainees and training programs. We have provided a non-exhaustive list of work pertinent to clinician-investigator training, both within Canada and beyond. 

Articles are listed in reverse chronological order. * indicates articles that are published by CITAC members, also viewable on our Research page


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Challenges and advice for MD/PhD applicants who are underrepresented in medicine.

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Saving the Endangered Physician-Scientist — A Plan for Accelerating Medical Breakthroughs.

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Critical Gaps in Understanding the Clinician–Scientist Workforce.

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Editorial: The vulnerable physician-scientist.

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Preparing MD-PhD students for clinical rotations: navigating the interface Between PhD and MD training.

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The vanishing physician-scientist?

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The need to restructure MD-PhD training.

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The clinical investigator: bewitched, bothered, and bewildered–but still beloved.

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The clinical investigator as an endangered species.

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Canadian Trainee and Program Data (collapsable/expandable list)

*International training considerations of Canadian clinician-scientist trainees – a national survey.

Pietrobon, A., Cook, E. K., Yin, C., Chan, D. C. H., & Marvasti, T. B. (2020). Clinical and Investigative Medicine, 43(4), E2-7.

*Piloting a long distance clinician scientist trainee mentorship match in Canada.

Mirali, S., Fan, K., Cook, E. K., & Marvasti, T. B. (2020). Clinical and Investigative Medicine, 43(1), E5–E8.

*Performance report for a 10-year-old MD/PhD program: a survey of trainees at the University of Ottawa.

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The rising challenge of training physician–scientists: recommendations from a Canadian national consensus conference.

Strong, M. J., Busing, N., Goosney, D. L., Harris, K. A., Horsley, T., Kuzyk, A., Lingard, L., Norman, W. V., Rosenblum, N. D., Saryeddine, T., & Wang, X. (2018). Academic Medicine, 93(2), 172–178.

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* Training the next generation of Canadian clinician-scientists: charting a path to success.

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Characteristics and outcomes of Canadian MD/PhD program graduates: a cross-sectional survey.

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Career and research outcomes of the physician-scientist training program at the University of Calgary: a retrospective cohort study.

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‌Canadian M.D.-Ph.D. programs produce impactful physician-scientists: the McGill experience.

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Clinician scientists in Canada: supporting innovations in patient care through research.

Lockyer, J.M., Brzezina, S., Thake, J., et al. (2016). Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Link

* MD/PhD training in Canada: results from a national trainee and program director review.

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Lost: Young Canadian physician-scientists need a map.

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CIHR cutting MD/PhD training program.

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The Canadian MD/PhD training program needs reinstated support.

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The Canadian clinician-scientist training program must be reinstated.

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Challenges facing physician scientist trainees: a survey of trainees in Canada’s largest undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a single centre.

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* It begins with the right supervisor: Importance of mentorship and clinician-investigator trainee satisfaction levels in Canada.

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Canadian Clinician Investigator Training in the 21st Century.

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Clinician-Scientists in Canada: barriers to career entry and progress.

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U.S. Trainee and Program Data (collapsable/expandable list)

Breaking tradition to bridge bench and bedside: accelerating the MD-PhD-Residency pathway.

Modrek, A. S., Tanese, N., Placantonakis, D. G., Sulman, E. P., Rivera, R., Du, K. L., Gerber, N. K., David, G., Chesler, M., Philips, M. R., & Cangiarella, J. (2021). Academic Medicine.

MD-PhD program graduates’ engagement in research.

Andriole, D. A., Grbic, D., Yellin, J., & McKinney, R. (2020). Academic Medicine, Publish Ahead of Print.

A nationwide assessment of perceptions of research-intense academic careers among predoctoral MD and MD-PhD trainees.

Kwan, J. M., Toubat, O., Harrison, A. M., Riddle, M., Wu, B., Kim, H., Basta, D. W., Adami, A. J., & Daye, D. (2020). Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, 4(4), 307–316.

A comparison of match outcomes between traditional medical degree and dual-degree applicants.

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‌The national MD-PhD program outcomes study: relationships between medical specialty, training duration, research effort, and career paths.

Brass, L. F., & Akabas, M. H. (2019). JCI Insight, 4(19).

National MD-PhD program outcomes study.

American Association of Medical Colleges (2018). AAMC. Link

History and outcomes of 50 years of physician–scientist training in medical scientist training programs.

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The first nationwide survey of MD-PhDs in the social sciences and humanities: training patterns and career choices.

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A national cohort study of MD-PhD graduates of medical schools with and without funding from the National Institute Of General Medical Sciencesʼ Medical Scientist Training Program.

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