Local Connections Fund

Local Connections Fund

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Application deadline: Accepted on a rolling basis until Aug 2024

Applications for the Local Connections Fund are submitted by each program’s iRep.
Want to connect with your iRep but don’t know who they are? Contact the Director of Finance.


Support locally-organized events aimed at connecting intra-program physician-scientist trainees by providing a small fund from CITAC to each of the Canadian physician-scientist training programs, through iReps



Up to $5 per physician-scientist trainee attendee, one event funded per program, per year (Sept–Aug)


Event eligibility
  • Goal to connect physician-scientist trainees from within the same program
  • Organized by physician-scientist trainee(s) in the same program
  • CITAC’s Local Connections Fund will be sole/primary sponsor of the event
  • Provides opportunity for CITAC iRep to speak and/or present short slide-deck


Application timeline

Event application must be submitted by program’s iRep

  • Applications remain open
  • iRep submits application—prior to event date
  • iRep receives approval—within 1 week of submission
  • Program holds event—1 event funded per year (Sept–Aug)
  • iRep submits documents to CITAC—within 2 weeks after event