CITAC provides a national voice for clinician-investigator trainees in Canada. We engage numerous stakeholders across the country to advance the conversation on trainee priorities.  

What are our current advocacy priorities?


The challenges facing clinician-investigator trainees is numerous and wide-ranging, spanning funding, mentorship, integration, and more. Recognizing this multifaceted problem, our primary advocacy priority is to establish an independent, national council whose mandate is to provide pan-Canadian oversight of clinician-investigator training. This council would ideally be composed of diverse stakeholders, spanning trainees, educators, funding agencies, and public members. This advocacy priority derives from the principle recommendation of a national consensus conference held in 2016.

How do we determine our advocacy priorities?


CITAC advocacy activities are guided by our organization’s vision, which is to support all clinician-scientist trainees in realizing their full potential to integrate the two worlds of clinical practice and health research. 


We constantly strive to advocate from an evidence-informed perspective, and do so in part by gathering that evidence through our research activities.

Our advocacy priorities are also informed by feedback provided by our Representatives Roundtable.