CITAC is actively engaged in research surrounding the clinician-investigator pathway in order to better understand the training journey and support our members. Our research portfolio has three main aims, each with dedicated initiatives  



Collecting evidence in order to advocate for improved clinician scientist training supports.

We are currently conducting an Alumni outcomes survey to understand the training trajectory of MD/PhD scientists, and identify roadblocks within the training pathway to focus advocacy efforts towards.




Understanding the diversity and scope of research of current clinician scientist trainees.

We are conducting a parallel survey on the MD/PhD trainee experience in Canada to understand how clinician scientist training has evolved, both in diversity of trainees and breadth of research activities. We are also launching a survey to understand the impacts of COVID on the clinician scientist training pathway. 




Make knowledge accessible and digestible for current and prospective clinician scientist trainees.

We are working to distill information from research findings into high-yield, digestible infographics to ensure that current and prospective students have a good understanding of the pathway ahead. 


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